Tension Headaches

There are a number of muscles that can be involved in tension headaches. The suggested treatment involves different massage techniques to loosen and relax these muscles. Identified Trigger Points or Trigger Zones can be released by ischemic compression and Dry Needling. The Dry Needling is very effective in releasing tension in tight muscles as well as reducing pain.
Tight shoulder and neck muscles cannot only cause pain but also restrictions in head movement.
Myofascial Cupping can be used to release tension in the shoulder and neck muscles and Muscle Energy Technique can be included in the treatment and home exercise can improve the progress of treatment through lengthening chronic tight and shortened muscles using isometric contraction and post-isometric relaxation.
There is also a number of correcting stretching exercises that will help to correct posture in the thoracic and cervical area and improve muscle alignment and reduce tension.