Remedial Massage Treament

Remedial Massage Therapy
Pain-reduction, recovery from injuries and restore full range of motion are in the focus of remedial massage therapy.
The primary intention of the treatment can be recovery from a recent sports or overuse injury as well as working on chronically tight muscles and aim to support muscle health and restore full range of motion or reduction of pain which often results from muscular imbalances and can be reduced by locating and treating thigh, shortened or week muscles.

The techniques used are

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Muscle Energy Technic

All these techniques aim to restore muscle health.

Triggerpoint Therapy targets trigger points, which are hypersensitive spots in muscle fibers and can cause local tenderness, referred pain and motor dysfunction.

With Deep Tissue Massage different massage techniques are applied to free physical blockages.

Muscle Energy Technique is an alternative form of osteopathic manipulation and aims to elongate shortended and tight muscles. It works with isometric contraction exercises against resistance and there are also beneficial home-exercises to improve treatment progress.